Rue Morgue Podcast with Robin Hardy

11 02 2012

Robin Hardy talks about all things Wicker

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On this episode of the Rue Morgue Podcast, I’m delighted to welcome Robin Hardy, director of one of the greatest horror movies ever made: the 1973 British cult classic The Wickerman starring the legendary Christopher Lee.

Nearly 40 years later, Mr. Hardy returns with his long-anticipated follow-up entitled The Wicker Tree starring Graham McTavish (Rambo) and talented newcomer Brittania Nicol. The film saw a limited theatrical run in the U.S. on January 27th and is scheduled to hit home video on April 24th courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment.

In this interview, we find out all sorts of juicy bits and bobs, including what inspired Hardy to return to the land of the Scottish pagans, the importance of music to both films, what he thinks of The Wickerman Remake and why Christopher Leeconsiders the original Wickerman to be his finest role.